Ernst-Martin Barth Photography



As seen from Kjørkjegardsfjellet with Svartfjellet on the left


Autumn colours in the Garden

Bowing to the elements

Venabygdfjellet, Norway

Forest Stream

Hadeland, Norway

The Road Less Travelled

Hadeland, Norway


O hushed October morning mild, Thy leaves have ripened to the fall; Tomorrow's wind, if it be wild, Should waste them all. (Robert Frost)

The Days are getting shorter, the Nights are drawing in...

The Path to the End of the World

Venabygdfjellet (Venabygd mountain), Norway

Once upon a time...

Venabygdfjellet (Venabygd mountain), Norway

Kiri enjoying autumn colours

Venabygdfjellet with Rondane in the distance.

Sunset brook

Hadeland, Norway

A quiet afternoon

Bird Lake

Hurdal, Norway


Myfallet waterfall at Venabygdfjellet, Norway

Wooden bridge

Hadeland, Norway